Results coming thick and fast for Performance Cycles…

James Stewart picked up where Dan left off the week before with a winning ride at the Latton TT series last Thursday (21st April).


On what felt like a slower night than the previous week, James went quicker finishing in a time of 21 minutes 20 seconds to take the win from Pete Hutchinson of Cotswold Veldrijden (22:15). But ride of the night has to go to relative new-comer Jacob who finished just one second behind Pete in a time of 22:16 riding his road bike with clip on aero bars and a non-aero helmet!!

Although missing a number of riders that dominated proceedings the previous week, we still posted 5 riders in the top 10 and had the fastest lady (Charlotte Berry) proving that we are going to be the team to beat in the 2016 series.

Full times for all riders from Thursday’s TT were…

1 James Stewart Performance Cycles 21:20
2 Pete Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden 22:15
3 Jacob Pilkington Performance Cycles 22:16
4 Niel Dunnage Cotswold Veldrijden 22:27
5 Peter Garnett Swindon RC 22:31
6 Alex King Performance Cycles 22:36
7 Chris Wood Performance Cycles 23:29
8 Gethin Musk Performance Cycles 23:46
= Richard Cooper Swindon RC 23:46
10 Gary Smith Ride 24/7 23:49
11 Tom Denley Performance Cycles 24:09
12 Jason Costello Corinium CC 24:23
13 Mick Sharratt Swindon RC 24:43
14 Joe Barry Performance Cycles 24:49
15 Matt Seddon Corinium CC 24:51
16 Pete Jeans Team Swindon Cycles 25:00
17 Bryan Telford Team Swindon Cycles 25:01
18 Tom Radburn Veloton 25:18
19 Steve Buckley Ride 24/7 25:19
20 Rowan Brown Swindon Wheelers 25:44
21 Les Sheppard Swindon Wheelers 25:49
22 John Simmons Performance Cycles 25:52
23 Dave Gibson Swindon RC 25:54
24 Alex Foyn Corinium CC 25:56
25 Marc Allen Swindon RC 26:00
26 Mark Foyn Corinium CC 26:15
27 Ady Short Swindon Wheelers 26:19
28 Andrew Telling Performance Cycles 26:32
29 Paul Fuchs Corinium CC 26:47
30 Kevin Lister Corinium CC 26:54
31 Ben Gamsa Performance Cycles 26:56
32 Gerry Peppin Corinium CC 27:07
33 Stephen Chapman Corinium CC 27:10
34 Ben Hunt Performance Cycles 27:11
35 Mike Brien Swindon Wheelers 27:40
36 Allan Semple Swindon RC 27:41
37 Chris Kane Swindon Wheelers 27:45
38 Tom List Swindon RC 28:39
39 Nick Fiore Cotswold Veldrijden 28:47
40 Kyle Wallace Cotswold Veldrijden 28:50
41 Charlotte Berry Performance Cycles 29:45
42 Adam Worrall Swindon Wheelers 30:54
43 Denis Hedges Corinium CC 31:52
44 Paul Wood Swindon Wheelers 32:35
45 Annie Pegler Corinium CC 33:14
46 Ross Gregory Corinium CC 33:18
47 Howard Seward Swindon RC 35:46

Well done to everyone, it’s great to see so many club jerseys out there on a Thursday night. If you want any pics of you racing, have a look at and see if he’s snapped a good one 🙂 Don’t forget as well that ALL riders that take part also need to help, please make sure you speak to the organisers and get your name on the helpers list as soon as possible.

The Cotswold League is back…

Sunday 24th also saw the start of the season long Cotswold League ( which took place north of Gloucester (hosted by Velo Vitesse). The racing got underway at 10am with the men’s race, with a full field of 60 riders taking to the start line. After a flurry of early attacks a break finally went clear, and that was to be the winning move. With only one rider in it, the Performance Cycles team weren’t happy with the composition so worked hard on the front of the bunch to bring the break within striking distance (mainly down to the efforts of Jacob) – at which point teammate James Stewart and Gareth Turner jumped clear and rode across to the break. As the finish got closer, Matt Woods (Performance Cycles) and Colin Parry (Ride 24/7) got clear, but Colin was too strong for Matt (perhaps still suffering from the efforts of the 25 mile BUCS TT champs the day before!!) and crossed the line a few bike lengths clear.


In the afternoon the girls took to the roads, with a field of nearly 40 riders – a great turn out and good sign of things to come for the coming season. As with the men’s race earlier in the day there were a large number of attacks, but this time nothing stayed clear – so as the girls went through the bell lap it was clear it was going to be a big bunch sprint to the line. The Performance Cycles team of Jo Jago, Marta Heinz, Kate Baker and Rebecca Waters worked perfectly in their first outing as a team, with Rebecca out-sprinting the rest of the field to take the win and Kate following her close behind to score a 1-2 for the team.


Rebecca now takes over both the Steele Davis leaders jersey and u23 jersey (the latter of which will be worn by Kate in round two), and in the men’s competition Matt Woods now leads the u23 classification.

Too many jerseys for one girl to wear!!!!!

Too many jerseys for one girl to wear!!!!!

The next race is the Cotswold Veldrijden round which takes place over near Malmesbury on 15th May – so a bit closer to home. It you be great to see some support there for the boys and girls in black.

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