Richard Kell Memorial Series Rd 2 Cat 3 & 4

This race is held over at Dalton Barracks near Abingdon and is on the same airfield as the winter crit series earlier in the year. This airfield has always given some great weather, todays was very strong winds down the back straight and also turning damp towards the end.

I did manage to start the race up at the front but a bit to far up at the front and turning into the head wind on the back straight on the inside, my power went up as i slide back through the pack, i did managed to hang and work back up the through the pack on the finish line straight. For a couple of laps i did mange to get on the protected side of the group on the back straight but i did also get on the wrong side a lot as well which did take it out of me. Well it was around half way through the race i was dropped. The back straight almost became my friend as i stuck my head down and just rode catching others that had been dropped as well, i was lapped right on the 45 min and for the second race in a row i took the bell and managed to finish, This race is only placed up to 10th and with it being a cat 3 & 4 i think i will really struggle with a this point in time.

I have noticed that i must be entering the wrong races as after most of the races i have entered everyone alway mention “how it was much faster than normal today”. I must find these slower races.

Lets see what weather next week brings on Rd3



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