Supermarine Floodlit Series Rd 6

So after having the brakes and gears looked at and actually read the manual for the front light i was good to go for my 2nd cyclocross race.

During my couple of warm up laps i did noticed that it seem a little slippy but didn’t really think anything of it at the time.

I did make quite a good start and thought it was all going well until going thought the bends just after the finish line i slightly over cooked one of the corners and my wheels gently slid away from under neath me and there i was laid the middle of track, for my first real crash i was presently surprised at how little it hurt hitting the floor, i was able to jump straight back up and carry on. For the next couple of laps i was definitely taking the corners a lot easier after coming off. It wasn’t long before i was getting some sort of  speed going, by now i has John Simmons behind, who after the race did mention how surprised he was that i didn’t come over again sooner. I got one of corners completely wrong and came to a complete stop went to get going again and manged to nearly take John at in the process. Sorry John.

After this i really started going again on to over cook it again and go down a bit harder than the first as i was getting back up i noticed how my front wheel was pointing one way and the handle bars another as i was straighten them up John came flying past. I manged to get both wheel and handle bars almost pointing the same way and jumped back on but wasn’t able to quite catch up with John again before the flag.

I did learn quite alot on riding cyclocross during this race maybe i should try a daylight one and see what happens

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