Richard Kell Memorial Rd 3 3 & 4 Cat

I was feeling really positive for this race, the weather even seemed to ok for the race not to windy and not wet.

The race was going to be the opposite way round to last week. I was on the start line with the PC Ben Parker have chat and all things seem really good.

The organisers on the line made a point of telling everyone to be careful on the bends and look after each, then we were off. It was only about 15 meters or so from the start line and a rider in front cut across in front on me it looked like he was have a problem clipping in, he managed to cut across straight in front of Ben and bring him straight down along with another rider i believe, the race was brought back to a halt at the end of that lap. I could see Ben trying to fix his handle bars to get back in a and race how every it was then noticed that his frame and cracked and so was unable to carry on.

The race re-started, with lots of people cutting over in front of each other, i found the best place for taking the corners was wide and i didn’t have to slow down as much and i was able to start pedalling again sooner and i was finding this race a really good race and i was able to stick with everyone quite comfortably as well, i did have a couple of near miss with people nearly coming in to the side of me but did manage to stay clear.

After 36 mins we came into the 2nd to last bend i was wide as i was normally and about half way along everyone came over to the outside of the track and couple of riders managed to touch wheels and quite a large crash started i grabbed by brakes and skidding quite a way i did manged a small endo and just missed the rider in front by about 1″. The front of the group have made it through and had carried on. I did get started again but i was now a little way back. As i got onto the start finish line i put my head down and went for, by the time i was getting back to the 2nd to last corner again i had caught the group back, by now half the circuit was being blocked off as a rider was still down. I had managed to get my breath back and was comfortable again in the group when we came back to the 2nd to last corner and the race was then black flagged as a Ambulance was on it way.

39 mins out of 45 mins completed and still in the ground the best ride i have done to date all be it not actually finished but then again no one finished. A big improvement for myself.

I only have a couple of photo’s of me on my own for change as i was in the group for the rest of it.

Hopefully i can do the same again next weekend and actually get this finish




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