Richard Kell Memorial Rd 4 Cat 3 & 4

With Storm Brian landing on the Saturday morning, Abingdon airfield was always going to be a fun day out, sure even when i went to get of the car at the airfield the wind hit me, almost so much i wanted to stay in the car, but i had already got up and got there so so went and signed on.

I went for a warm up ride around the coarse, it was a circuit i had not ridden at the airfield before so i was glad i did go out and not ride on a turbo by the car.

The long back straight was going to be really fun with quite a fast right turn on to it and it to wind and a small distance after it a large landing light in the middle of the landing strip which was to be marked with a cone and Marshall.

I got to the line shortly before the 9 start, and we had chance for another warm up lap due to it take slightly long for everyone to get out to the start line. This gave me a chance to see how everyone else would be looking at taking these corners.

The organisers requested that we had some break this week to make the race a bit more exciting as they where going to be filming some of it.

Right from the start there where a few breaks through, i was just mainly try to hang on in the group. It was within the first few laps the right hand turn onto the long straight did prove to be a bit tricky for everyone with lots of white lines as well turning into the wind, one time a rider just in front me forgot about the cone and marshall hiding the landing light and grabbed his brakes which was a bit of panic moment but all ended up ok. Coming down the straight it did seem like there was now where to hide from the wind.

Going in to the penultimateĀ  i ended up on the front for nearly the whole lap i think i lost concentration as i was getting excited about actually finishing a race, i lead our now small group onto the long straight and i then came back to thinking sensibly and did slow a little which was quite easy with the head wind, think if it was to slow someone else would go and i could jump on the back, after the others had gone in front, one of them did ask if i had another rider in the group head. I should have just said i did want to bury my self this close to the end. As we came on the start/finish line for the last time i did feel my legs go about 200 meters from the finish i managed to keep them going as i did i di see another couple of riders do the same thing and just manage to finish in front of them. After finishing and feeling quite good that i have now managed to finish a race with the a group, i had turned around and was now heading back to see another few riders still coming along up to the finish, So really did do quite well. A good end to the 2017 season. Started off a long longĀ  way behind a CAT 4 race and now finishing in a group of a CAT 3 & 4 race.

Bring on 2018 and see if i can improve on just finishing.



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