Wessex CX Rd 11 Abingdon

I thought it would be good to get one last CX race in before the Crits start again, and back to Abingdon airfield.

Left for the race with a bit of sleet in the air in Swindon, on the journey over to Abingdon it got heavier and whiter. Finally made it to the airfield only to struggle to see where about’s the race was due to the falling snow. When i finally did find it and park up, i manged to plunk up the courage to get out the car and sign on. While signing on the U10/U12’s race was in full flow and fare play to the youngsters some riding past in tears, but still going.

I managed to get change completely in the car ready for the race and headed out to the coarse to have a warm up lap, not sure if i did manage to warm up as the snow had stopped and it was now freezing rain. 1st warm up lap i did wounder what on earth i was doing out in this weather but also thought i am here now so should get on with it.

It was a very cold start to the race with my wheels sliding in every direction except the way i wanted them to go. I made to the penultimate corner before the finish line before a came off for the 1st time. I did manage i few improvements to my line on the next lap, i couldn’t help but keep laughing to my self on the way round. Made to the penultimate corner trying my hardest not to come off which didn’t  work and face planted again in the same place, only this time my chain came off. On the next lap i did mange to fall off in different part of the circuit for a change which i was a bit happier with, on the final lap i came again at another place and thought i am going to struggle to get going again here so thought it would be a good idea to run though that part, it felt and sounded like i was running with flippers on so gave up on that idea and got back on the bike. Then a slippy slidey last part of the coarse to the finish.

It went from hoping to do quite well to just being glad to get round.

The hosing down of the bike at home was fun as i had to hose down my clothes before putting them in the washing machine. I now have patches of the orange mud from the coarse around my garden





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