Abingdon Race Team Winter Crit Series Rd1 2018

On arrival at the Abingdon airfield it appeared that the weather was going to be OK. No wind and only a little rain. But true to form the airfield had a little surprise for us, it got cold. I don’t think i have shivered as much as i did at the end ever in my life, i was glad i didn’t have to brake to much during the race as i do think i could of as my hands weren’t working left alone my fingers. A lot of the race was ride using “the force ” to miss riders in front cos i couldn’t see due to spray.

The cold 1st started to kick in while we were waiting on the line for commissionaire which was not cold. At last we got the “Go”, i managed to get into the 1st corner 1st  so i managed to settle quite quickly into my own rhythm which i was left to for a short while, but i manged to stay near or on the front for a few more laps after this great start. I then got the corner on to the long straight a little wrong and end going quite wide a dropping back a bit but on this long straight i was able to hang on in and slowly make my way back to towards the front. I was feeling quite comfortable at about 30mins in that i had a little jump off the front which last about 1/2 lap again i was brought back and i settled in behind but at the front. No real attacks for the reminder of the race until the last lap just after the 1st corner a rider did attack and i felt i had enough to go with him, i just tucked in behind him until we got just over half way down the long straight and he slowed up, i felt this was still a little to far for me to have real go on my own and again i was brought in, got round the last bend still up the front. I did managed to time my last effort and i got 6th pretty much on the line.

So from entering this race series last year and getting lapped in 30mins to 6th place in year is pretty good going. Now to see if i can do it again next weekend and maybe better the 6th.

Only the one photo of a very cold me at the end. My photographer wasn’t expecting me to be at the front of the pack. If i do get any others i will update.


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