Abingdon Race Team Winter Crit Series Rd2 2018

I didn’t seem quite as cold this week, but is was definitely dryer which was a start.

I managed to get on the front again at the start but i decided into wind this was not the best place to be, so drifted back slightly into the bunch, i spent much of the race doing this. The 3rd corner onto the return straight was a good place to go into at the front of the bunch or to take very wide, taking it wide i was able to take at steady pace without having to slow down and accelerate  to keep up. A few of the the cat 4 riders did jump on the back of the cat 1’s and 2’s when they came past which did kinda kill our race a bit.

They rest of the race seemed to go quite well until the last lap as we where coming into the 2nd corner another riding touch Ben Parker’s  (Other PC rider) back wheel , he did well to stay up right, this was just in front of me, from what i heard after quite few came down behind.

As we came up to the last corner of few of the riders did push forward, this was again a little to far out for me to have a go as well, i had to hang on to after the corner before having a go as well, not sure on where i placed this time  top 20 ish, i had to use my last bit of energy to get across the line from so far out to even look where i was finishing.

Not a great finish this week but at least was with everyone else again so we are still improving.

Lets have another go in 2 week and see what happens then.

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