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    With the ever increasing size of our weekly club rides, we need to get a little more organised!! Therefore we’d like to introduce the role of ‘ride captain’ into the club. This isn’t as difficult a role as it might sound – but it will mean we’re a bit better prepared if anything were to go wrong (like it did last week when Ken was hit by a van!!)!!

    A Ride Captain needs to be / have the following…

    – Know the routes, and ideally have routes downloaded onto a Garmin (or other GPS device) so you can shout directions at people on the way round.
    – Carry a spare tube, tyre levers and pump (as you all should anyway!!).
    – Carry a fully charged mobile phone (as you all should anyway!!).
    – Be prepared to check that any riders that have suffered a puncture / got dropped are OK before you ride off and leave them (as you all should anyway)!!

    There is no age limit / restrictions (yes juniors – that’s aimed at you in the fast group!!) to becoming a ride captain.

    And that’s about it!! It’s all about making sure there are people in each group that will make sure everyone gets home in one piece. This is now getting harder for us to do as Performance Cycles staff as we’re riding less and less – and moving forward there will be less of us on the weekly club rides as we’ll be opening the shop on a Saturday morning 🙁

    In an ideal world we’d have 3-4 (if not more!!) ride captains in each group – the more the better. We’ll also have a chat with our friends over at Wilts Ambulance Service about doing some cycling specific 1st aid (which will be free to ride captains) and a basic roadside repairs course at the shop as well.

    If you’re happy to do this, please let me know by posting on the forum – or let us know in the shop so we can add you to the list.

    Thanks in advance for all the offers of help 🙂


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    Tim Collings

    Andy, I am happy to put name forward for intermediates

    Tim Collings


    John Simmons

    Hi happy to help out Intermediate pace.

    John Simmons

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