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Corinne Clark (Velo Vitesse) wins the 2017 Steele Davis Cotswold League….

Following the cancellation of the last three rounds of the 2017 Women’s Cotswold League, series leader (and previous league winner) Corrine Clark is confirmed as our 2017 champion. Having lead from Easter where her team were victorious in the opening team time trial, Corinne adds the 2017 title to her previous win in 2015.

With the cancellation of so many rounds, the number of counting rounds has been reduced to three – causing a change around in the podium spots. With Beth Taylor (Salt & Sham) taking 2nd place, and along with it the women’s u23 title for 2017 and Leah Ball ( moving up to third spot to finish off the podium.

Women’s 2017 top three:

1 Corinne Clark Velo Vitesse / ALLCAP
2 Bethany Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
3 Leah Ball

Women’s 2017 u23 top three:

1 Bethany Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
2 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan
3 Rebecca Waters Performance Cycles

To download the full results table for the 2017 Women’s Steele Davis Cotswold League CLICK HERE

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Change in leadership ahead of the final round….

Following last Sunday’s “A bridge too far Road Race” there’s a change at the top of the 2017 Steele Davis Cotswold League standings, with Jamie Wilkins (Veloton) slipping to 2nd place behind Ben Luckwell (Ride 24/7) having held the leaders jersey since the opening Team Time Trial back on Easter weekend.

Ben now holds a commanding lead with just one round to go, and looks to have secured the league win with a round to spare.

Note – following the recent cancellations of a couple of rounds, the number of counting rounds in the men’s league has now been reduced to six from a possible ten.

Current top three standings…

1 Benjamin Luckwell Ride 24/7
2 Jamie Wilkins Veloton
3 Jacob Pilkington VC Montpellier

Download and view the full standings by CLICKING HERE

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Joshua Croxton (Team Tor 2000 KALAS) sprints to victory in “A Bridge Too Far Road Race”

Joshua Croxton (Team Tor 2000 KALAS) sprints to victory in A Bridge Too Far Road Race in the penultimate round of The Steele Davis Cotswold Cycle Racing League, hosted by Bristol Road Club.


With only 10 points between Jamie Wilkins (Veloton) 152 pts, Ross Phelps (Bristol RC) 143pts, Ben Luckwell (24/7) 142pts and 2 rounds to go, it was all to play for in the overall for The Steele Davis Cotswold Cycling League. With Ross on holiday it was opportunity for Jamie and Ben to gain some ground.

With added presence from non Cotswold League teams such as Team Tor 2000 and Mid Devon CC, the race was far from predictable. However it was Bristol Road Club’s Shaun Cook who was riding aggressively with two hard attacks within the first 3 laps. With the second attack sticking, he was joined by Nic McKibbin (Bath Cycling Club), Charlie Beake (Tri UK) and Ben Lockett (Saint Piran). With the four riders working well together they built up a lead of up to a minute from the main pack.

Back in the bunch, strong southerly crosswinds left limited space to hide on the long drag at the top of Cheddar and a string of attacks stretched out the bunch. However it also took its toll with the lead riders losing Nic McKibbin on lap 4 and Charlie Beake on lap 5. At the start of lap 5, Shaun Cook and Ben Lockett’s lead had been reduced to 15 seconds by a chasing pack of 10 riders which had initially broke away on lap 4, which included Josh Croxton and Graham Collins (Team Tor 2000 Kalas), Ian Cullen and Ashley Towey (Mid Devon CC), Tom Sharp (Bristol RC), Lewis Braithwaite (24/7), George Kimber (Cycle Sport Dynamo), and Ashley Hutchinson (VC St Raphael). With the chasing peloton 30 seconds behind including Ben Luckwell and Jamie Wilkins closely watching each other for the overall.


By the last lap the 10 riders had caught Shaun Cook and Ben Lockett. However a chase from the peloton had now been made by a further group of 6 riders of the main contenders for the overall including Ben Luckwell, Jamie Wilkins and Matt Franklin (Bristol RC 6th overall.) Jacob Pilkington (Velo Club Montpelier 7th overall).

On the last drag the climbers of the leading group were trying to make their attacks count. Attacks came from Alex Fanshawe, George Kimber and Ben Lockett but none of the remaining 12 riders were willing to give up, so it came down to a bunch sprint. In the final corner Graham Collins Team Tor 2000 took the lead with fellow teammate Joshua Croxton on his wheel. Joshua sprinted strongly from 200 metres to go to take the win, albeit with a slight scare when celebrating a little bit to early as a close 2nd was Ian Cullen (Mid Devon CC) who was riding his first race since a double fractured of the left pelvis in the Totnes Vire RR earlier this year and had only started riding his bike again after a 12 week layoff. Lewis Braithwaite (24/7) took 3rd place. Best Bristol RC rider was Tom Sharp in 5th.

With chasing group of 5 riders coming in 50 seconds behind, Matt Franklin had managed to make a breakaway to come in 13th, followed in with a hard fought sprint between Ben Luckwell (14th), Jacob Pilkington (15th) and Jamie Wilkins (16th).

1st Place – Joshua Croxton on the race.
“Knowing there was a race within a race, with the Cotswold League regulars looking at one another, I felt confident a group of non-threats could be allowed to get away. I managed to miss the first and my teammate Graham went with the second, so needed to bide my time. On lap 6, I went over the top, just as two were brought back – stupid really, I was never bridging that gap alone! Thankfully Mid Devon’s Ian Cullen made it over and we were full gas. 14 minutes of hurt later, we’d made it.

I was fortunate to personally know half the riders in the break, meaning I knew a couple of them would have to try something on the climb. I made sure I was positioned near the front and followed the panicked chase when Alex Fanshawe & George Kimber showed their hands, doing my best to preserve my fast-diminishing box of matches.

Once the hill had been dealt with I was happy, I’m always happy to sprint! I was unsure who’s wheel to follow, but Graham’s work in putting me in the right position was perfect and it all fell into place nicely – even if I did need to cancel the early celebration to finish the job!”

2nd Place – Ian Cullen (Mid Devon CC) on the race
Yes – This was my first RR back since the crash. Which left me with a double fractured my left pelvis, I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks and was on crutches permanently. I did another 6 weeks in rehab. Then I started training properly at the end of July. It’s taken me a while to get my confidence for riding in a bunch again so I’m pleased to be re-acquainted with road racing again.

I missed the early breaks by sitting to far back in the peloton so with 2 laps to go at the foot of the drag Josh and I hit it hard to bridge across. We made contact with the front group with a lap to go. I’m pleased with 2nd although a win would have been a great return.


1.  Joshua Croxton Team Tor 2000 KALAS
2.  Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC
3.  Lewis Braithwaite Ride 24/7
4.  George Kimber Cycle Sport Dynamo
5.  Tom Sharp Bristol RC
6.  Ashley Towey Mid Devon CC
7.  Graham Collins Team Tor 2000 KALAS
8.  Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
9.  Shaun Cook Bristol RC
10. Ben Lockett Saint Piran
11. Richard Cleaver Velo Club Montpellier
12. Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran
13. Matthew Franklin Bristol RC
14. Benjamin Luckwell Ride 24/7
15. Jacob Pilkington Velo Club Montpelier
16. Jamie Wilkins Veloton Team
17. George Jones VC St Raphael
18. Charlie Beake Tri UK
19. Mark Perry Ride 24/7
20. Robert Willcocks Royal Air Force CA
21. Ashley Fletcher Southfork
22. Steven Jones Mid Devon CC
23. Jack Mundinano Cheltenham & County CC
24. Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
25. Jack Thompson Performance Cycles
26. Simon Ward Bristol RC
27. Charlie Shields Bath Cycling Club
28. Samuel Westlake Bristol RC
29. Steve Thomas Ride 24/7
30. Rick Hawker VeloVitesse
31. Mike Skidmore Cheltenham & County CC
32. Christopher Hill Bristol RC
33. Matthew Griffin Radeon-Bike Science RT
34. George Dallimore Radeon-Bike Science RT
35. Johnny Arce Uruena Unattached
36. Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles-TREK
37. Dave Tilling Ride 24/7
38. Matt Lelliott Severn RC
39. Craig Wallduck Latchem Sunwise Race Team
40. Nic McKibbin Bath Cycling Club
41. Aled Jones Veloton Team
42. Daniel Marshall


Results from the Glos City Steve Taylor Memorial Road Race….

Provisional results – report to follow….

Pos Name Club CCRL Points
1 Andrew Edwards Bristol RC 30
2 Shaun Cook Bristol RC 27
3 Nic McKibbin Bath CC 25
4 Edward Parker Cheltenham & County CC 24
5 Benjamin Luckwell Ride 24/7 23
6 Joe Charley Stourbridge CC
7 Jamie Wilkins Veloton 22
8 Ross Mallen Royal Air Force CA
9 Jamie Penton Radeon-BikeScience 21
10 Lee Davis VeloVitesse 20
11 Tom Sharp Bristol RC 19
12 Rowan Brackstone
13 James Chapman Kenilworth Wheelers CC
14 Matthew Lelliott Severn RC
15 Colin Parry Ride 24/7 18
16 Ross Phelps Bristol RC 17
17 Aled Jones Veloton 16
18 Phil O’Connor Shutt Velo Rapide
19 Lewis Braithwaite Ride 24/7 15
20 Ben Lockett Saint Piran
21 Robert Willcocks Royal Air Force CA
22 Matthew Griffin Radeon-BikeScience 14
23 Jake Hollins Bath CC 13
24 Ryan Brain Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
25 Jack Thompson Performance Cycles 12
26 Robert Yeatman Cotswold Cycles 11
27 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7 10
28 Justin Belcher Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
29 Rory Gilling VC Montpellier 9
30 Matt Franklin Bristol RC 8
31 Oliver Hayward Rhino Velo Race Team
32 David Watson
33 Robin Burrow
34 Milo Giradet Herefordshire Cycling Club
35 Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles 7