vcmontRound three of the Cotswold League takes place on Sunday 16th June at Winchcombe, near Cheltenham. Promoted by VC Montpellier (and supported by Winchcombe CC) the ‘Winchcombe Kermesse’ will see some of the best riders in the region racing for the honour of becoming it’s  inaugural winner. The race will start in Winchcombe town centre before heading out onto a circuit that will run through Greet village. 

The race promises to bring thrilling live  sporting action direct to the town. There will also be cycle events being held on the day for children and spectating at the event will be free to all!

The main event is starts at 2pm and will cover 10 laps of a challenging 6 mile circuit – with riders lapping every 15-20 minutes. The finish of the race will see the riders leave the main circuit and finish outside Winchcombe School of the edge of the town.

Details of the route can be view at… www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/vcm-ccrl



Riders for Sunday’s race are…

1 Sam Baker =”Wightlink (2nd)
2 James Ebdon =”Wightlink (2nd)
3 Kevin Foster =”Wightlink (4th)
4 Cameron Campbell Army Cycling Union (2nd)
5 Daniel Guest Army Cycling Union (2nd)
6 Justin Belcher Banbury Star CC (2nd)
7 Daniel Marshall Bristol Cycling Dev. Squad (2nd U23)
8 Ben Davis Bristol RC (2nd U23)
9 Daniel Marks Bristol RC (2nd)
10 Tom Ilett Bristol South CC (2nd)
11 Steven Cottington Cadence RT (2nd)
12 Adrian Lawson Cadence RT (2nd)
13 Graeme Boswell Cardiff Ajax CC (2nd)
14 David Medhurst Cardiff Ajax CC (2nd)
15 David Anderson Cheltenham & County CC (4th)
16 John Davies Cheltenham & County CC (4th)
17 Mike Dobson Cheltenham & County CC (4th)
18 Ian Threadgold Cheltenham & County CC (3rd)
19 Harry Walton Cheltenham & County CC (3rd)
20 Graham Wilson Cheltenham & County CC (4th)
21 Philip Mason Climb On Bikes CC (2nd)
22 Cameron Foster Club Corley Cycles (2nd U23)
23 Callum Lister Cotswold Veldrijden (3rd)
24 Craig Seaman County Cycles Racing Team (2nd)
25 H Christian Rudolf De Laune CC (2nd)
26 Scott Chalmers Dream Cycling (2nd)
27 Rupert Denny Dream Cycling (2nd U23)
28 Mark Perry Dream Cycling (2nd)
29 Rob Yeatman Dream Cycling (2nd U23)
30 Matthew Ullmer Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC (2nd)
31 Lewis Gray Evesham & District Whls CC (3rd U23)
32 Ben Hooppell Exeter Wheelers (2nd)
33 Jamie Howard Exeter Wheelers (2nd)
34 Gavin Spiers G.S. Henley (2nd)
35 Richard Williamson Gannet CC (2nd)
36 Matt Callaghan Gloucester City CC (3rd)
37 Lee Finch Gloucester City CC (4th)
38 Ian Humble Gloucester City CC (3rd)
39 Garry Jones Gloucester City CC (3rd)
40 Thomas Leach Gloucester City CC (4th)
41 Sean Townsend Gloucester City CC (3rd U23)
42 Richard Cleaver Leisure Lakes Bikes.com (2nd)
43 Joe Fox MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling (2nd U23)
44 David Billings Motivo RT (2nd)
45 Lee Davis Node4 – Giordana Racing (2nd)
46 William Hunt Norwood Paragon CC (2nd)
47 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon CC (2nd)
48 Marcus Boneham Onit Sports (2nd)
49 Calum Challenger Onit Sports (4th U23)
50 Joe Barry Performance Cycles (2nd)
51 Robert Edgell Performance Cycles (3rd)
52 Scott Leakey Performance Cycles (2nd)
53 Dave Tilling Performance Cycles (4th)
54 Ben Carty Private (3rd)
55 Jamie Wilkins Procycling Magazine RT (2nd)
56 Nigel Williams Python Racing Team (2nd)
57 Stuart Williams Reading CC (2nd U23)
58 Mitch Evans Ride 24/7 (3rd U23)
59 Mark Munns Ride 24/7 (2nd)
60 Gary Smith Ride 24/7 (3rd)
61 Michael Ward Ride 24/7 (2nd)
62 Robert Willcocks Royal Air Force CC (2nd)
63 Owen Owen Rutrainingtoday CC (2nd U23)
64 Malcolm Dixon Severn RC (2nd)
65 James Phillips Severn RC (2nd)
66 Myles Gerrard Southfork Racing.co.uk (2nd)
67 Matthew Franklin Team Diabetes UK (2nd)
68 John Hollier Team Tor 2000 (2nd)
69 Peter Medhurst University of Exeter Cycling Club (2nd U23)
70 Justin Harcourt Urban-Cyclery.co.uk RT (2nd)
71 Bevan Humphreys Urban-Cyclery.co.uk RT (2nd)
72 Rowan Marshall Urban-Cyclery.co.uk RT (2nd U23)
73 David Hutchison VC St Raphael (3rd)
74 Neil Biggs Velo Club Montpellier (3rd)
75 Mike Brunsdon Velo Club Montpellier (4th)
76 James Griffin Velo Club Montpellier (3rd)
77 Tom Marshall Velo Club Montpellier (3rd J)
78 Kieron Smith Velo Club Montpellier (3rd)
79 Matthew Exley www.twenty3c.co.uk (2nd)
80 Roger Prior Zappi’s Cycling Club (3rd)
R1 Hugh Knudsen
R2 Aled Jones
R3 Luke Souter
R4 Richard Harris
R5 Michael Ford
R6 Harry Snow
R7 Craig Wallduck
R8 Iain Bullar
R9 Rhys Thomas
R10 Michael Greaves