Simon Coles (Norwood Paragon) wins first ever Sherston Road Race

A hot sunny day welcomed the riders that lined up for the first event Sherston Road Race promoted by new club and racing team Radeon Coaching. The stunning location of Sherston provided a great backdrop for this new event on the racing calendar.

A full field rolled out from the start, and as soon as the flag dropped the pace picked up and riders started to get dropped. The race was set to cover four laps of the 11 mile rolling circuit, with lots of twists and turns that should allow a break away to get a gap and get out of sight.

The first lap and a bit  (run off at an average speed of over 27mph!!) saw a number of attacks, all gaining ground before being pulled back in by the attentive bunch – until finally a break of eight went clear with riders from all the big teams in the race, Joe Barry, Michael Ward, Grant Bayton (all Ride 24/7), Dan Guest (Performance Cycles), Scott Chalmers (Felt-Colbornes), Simon Coles (Norwood Paragon), Jon Fowles (VC Walcot) and James Coleman (VC Walcot). This meant it was left to the smaller teams and clubs to try and stop them getting much of a gap. The break worked well together and quickly established a lead of over a minute, however the pace proved too much for James who dropped back to the bunch leaving seven riders up front. With a lap to go it looked like the bunch had decided they weren’t going to catch the leaders and the race behind slowed up as the riders started to think about the minor placings. However up front, the riders in the break started to watch each other and they too slowed – with the gap remaining at around the one minute mark. With less than half a lap to go a number of the riders in the break stopped working, and with three riders present it was Ride 24/7 in the driving seat and in a strong position to control the attacks that were going to come towards the end.

Coming into Sherston for the final time, Simon Coles (Norwood Paragon) attacked and rode off the front of the break. The increase in pace was too much for Scott Chalmers (Felt-Colbornes) and he dropped off the back of the break leaving the rest to fight it out for second place. There was little or no reaction from the riders in the break, with most of them looking at Dan Guest (Performance Cycles) to chase down Simon – but with three riders alongside him from Ride 24/7 Dan wasn’t about to do all the chasing on his own!! And with that, Simon was gone and took a fantastic solo victory infront of the waiting crowd at the finish line.

Joe Barry (Ride 24/7) won the sprint for 2nd, with Jon Fowles (VC Walcot) coming in 3rd and finishing off the podium.

No Full Name Club Team
1 Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC
2 Joe Barry Ride 24/7
3 Jonathon Fowles Velo Club Walcot
4 Daniel Guest Performance Cycles
5 Michael Ward Ride 24/7
6 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
7 Scott Chalmers Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
8 Benjamin Luckwell Ride 24/7
9 Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael
10 Lee Davis Velosure – Giordana RT
11 Daniel McKimm Dream Cycling
12 Adrian Lawson Cadence RT
13 Mark Perry Ride 24/7
14 Carl Luke Live2Ride Race Team
15 Craig Wallduck Dream Cycling
16 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
17 Jamie Wilkins Procycling Magazine RT
18 David Barnaville Bristol CX
19 Richard Cleaver Leisure Lakes
20 Peter Blencowe Gloucester City CC
21 Daniel Marshall Dymag – T-1-D
22 Matthew Ullmer Performance Cycles
23 Steven Roach
24 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael
25 Simon Ker Bath Cycling Club
26 Steven Thomas Dream Cycling
27 Sean Townsend Gloucester City CC
28 Neil Dunnage Cotswold Veldrijden
29 Chrales Coleman Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
30 Matthew Cooper Cotswold Veldrijden
31 Cameron Smalley North Cotswold CC
32 Anthony Lake Gloucester City CC
33 Gary Sheppard Bath Cycling Club
34 Rory Gilling Performance Cycles
35 Nick Watson Ride 24/7
36 Simon Barnes Procycling Magazine RT
37 Callum Lister Cotswold Veldrijden
38 Noah Godman Dream Cycling
39 Gerry Bowditch Dream Cycling
40 William Robbins Bristol RC
41 Peter Huchinson Cotswold Veldrihden