Corinne Clark (Velo Vitesse) wins the 2017 Steele Davis Cotswold League….

Following the cancellation of the last three rounds of the 2017 Women’s Cotswold League, series leader (and previous league winner) Corrine Clark is confirmed as our 2017 champion. Having lead from Easter where her team were victorious in the opening team time trial, Corinne adds the 2017 title to her previous win in 2015.

With the cancellation of so many rounds, the number of counting rounds has been reduced to three – causing a change around in the podium spots. With Beth Taylor (Salt & Sham) taking 2nd place, and along with it the women’s u23 title for 2017 and Leah Ball ( moving up to third spot to finish off the podium.

Women’s 2017 top three:

1 Corinne Clark Velo Vitesse / ALLCAP
2 Bethany Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
3 Leah Ball

Women’s 2017 u23 top three:

1 Bethany Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
2 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan
3 Rebecca Waters Performance Cycles

To download the full results table for the 2017 Women’s Steele Davis Cotswold League¬†CLICK HERE

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