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Results coming thick and fast for Performance Cycles…

James Stewart picked up where Dan left off the week before with a winning ride at the Latton TT series last Thursday (21st April).


On what felt like a slower night than the previous week, James went quicker finishing in a time of 21 minutes 20 seconds to take the win from Pete Hutchinson of Cotswold Veldrijden (22:15). But ride of the night has to go to relative new-comer Jacob who finished just one second behind Pete in a time of 22:16 riding his road bike with clip on aero bars and a non-aero helmet!!

Although missing a number of riders that dominated proceedings the previous week, we still posted 5 riders in the top 10 and had the fastest lady (Charlotte Berry) proving that we are going to be the team to beat in the 2016 series.

Full times for all riders from Thursday’s TT were…

1 James Stewart Performance Cycles 21:20
2 Pete Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden 22:15
3 Jacob Pilkington Performance Cycles 22:16
4 Niel Dunnage Cotswold Veldrijden 22:27
5 Peter Garnett Swindon RC 22:31
6 Alex King Performance Cycles 22:36
7 Chris Wood Performance Cycles 23:29
8 Gethin Musk Performance Cycles 23:46
= Richard Cooper Swindon RC 23:46
10 Gary Smith Ride 24/7 23:49
11 Tom Denley Performance Cycles 24:09
12 Jason Costello Corinium CC 24:23
13 Mick Sharratt Swindon RC 24:43
14 Joe Barry Performance Cycles 24:49
15 Matt Seddon Corinium CC 24:51
16 Pete Jeans Team Swindon Cycles 25:00
17 Bryan Telford Team Swindon Cycles 25:01
18 Tom Radburn Veloton 25:18
19 Steve Buckley Ride 24/7 25:19
20 Rowan Brown Swindon Wheelers 25:44
21 Les Sheppard Swindon Wheelers 25:49
22 John Simmons Performance Cycles 25:52
23 Dave Gibson Swindon RC 25:54
24 Alex Foyn Corinium CC 25:56
25 Marc Allen Swindon RC 26:00
26 Mark Foyn Corinium CC 26:15
27 Ady Short Swindon Wheelers 26:19
28 Andrew Telling Performance Cycles 26:32
29 Paul Fuchs Corinium CC 26:47
30 Kevin Lister Corinium CC 26:54
31 Ben Gamsa Performance Cycles 26:56
32 Gerry Peppin Corinium CC 27:07
33 Stephen Chapman Corinium CC 27:10
34 Ben Hunt Performance Cycles 27:11
35 Mike Brien Swindon Wheelers 27:40
36 Allan Semple Swindon RC 27:41
37 Chris Kane Swindon Wheelers 27:45
38 Tom List Swindon RC 28:39
39 Nick Fiore Cotswold Veldrijden 28:47
40 Kyle Wallace Cotswold Veldrijden 28:50
41 Charlotte Berry Performance Cycles 29:45
42 Adam Worrall Swindon Wheelers 30:54
43 Denis Hedges Corinium CC 31:52
44 Paul Wood Swindon Wheelers 32:35
45 Annie Pegler Corinium CC 33:14
46 Ross Gregory Corinium CC 33:18
47 Howard Seward Swindon RC 35:46

Well done to everyone, it’s great to see so many club jerseys out there on a Thursday night. If you want any pics of you racing, have a look at and see if he’s snapped a good one 🙂 Don’t forget as well that ALL riders that take part also need to help, please make sure you speak to the organisers and get your name on the helpers list as soon as possible.

The Cotswold League is back…

Sunday 24th also saw the start of the season long Cotswold League ( which took place north of Gloucester (hosted by Velo Vitesse). The racing got underway at 10am with the men’s race, with a full field of 60 riders taking to the start line. After a flurry of early attacks a break finally went clear, and that was to be the winning move. With only one rider in it, the Performance Cycles team weren’t happy with the composition so worked hard on the front of the bunch to bring the break within striking distance (mainly down to the efforts of Jacob) – at which point teammate James Stewart and Gareth Turner jumped clear and rode across to the break. As the finish got closer, Matt Woods (Performance Cycles) and Colin Parry (Ride 24/7) got clear, but Colin was too strong for Matt (perhaps still suffering from the efforts of the 25 mile BUCS TT champs the day before!!) and crossed the line a few bike lengths clear.


In the afternoon the girls took to the roads, with a field of nearly 40 riders – a great turn out and good sign of things to come for the coming season. As with the men’s race earlier in the day there were a large number of attacks, but this time nothing stayed clear – so as the girls went through the bell lap it was clear it was going to be a big bunch sprint to the line. The Performance Cycles team of Jo Jago, Marta Heinz, Kate Baker and Rebecca Waters worked perfectly in their first outing as a team, with Rebecca out-sprinting the rest of the field to take the win and Kate following her close behind to score a 1-2 for the team.


Rebecca now takes over both the Steele Davis leaders jersey and u23 jersey (the latter of which will be worn by Kate in round two), and in the men’s competition Matt Woods now leads the u23 classification.

Too many jerseys for one girl to wear!!!!!

Too many jerseys for one girl to wear!!!!!

The next race is the Cotswold Veldrijden round which takes place over near Malmesbury on 15th May – so a bit closer to home. It you be great to see some support there for the boys and girls in black.

Why lactate test? Here’s an example…

Many customers ask me how simply testing their fitness could ever make them a faster rider. Surely being able to shout about your power to weight ratio, or lactate threshold at the mid-ride coffee stop is all wonderful, but it won’t beat everyone up the local climb.

The answer is that sometimes boasting of huge power outputs is enough to put others off, but in reality the way to get faster at riding your bike, is to train. Training can take many different forms, most of which include riding your bike, but simply riding will only take you so far. When the days are short and the weather isn’t warm and sunny, you might only be able to scrape a handful of hours either on the turbo/rollers or in the wind/rain/fog. So what to do with those precious hours on the bike?

This is where the lactate test comes in. By accurately measuring your current performance, we can determine which riding intensities will gain you the most bang for your buck with only a few hours to train in. As an example, one of my customers came to me back in January 2015, feeling like she was going backwards over the winter, struggling to work out how on earth she was going to make any year on year improvements in her chosen discipline of time trialling. So we tested her fitness and got the following results….

“Your Aerobic Threshold occurred at 155 Watts, at 148 beats/minute.

Your Lactate Threshold occurred at 205 Watts and at a heart rate of 173 beats/min.

Your Power at VO2 max was 250 Watts, at a heart rate of 189 beats/min.”

As a small amount of background, Aerobic Threshold is the intensity you can comfortably maintain all day long (assuming you keep eating and drinking), Lactate Threshold is pretty hard, and most people can just about manage an hour, and Power at VO2 max is the maximum power you can manage for around 3-5 minutes.

So taking these results alongside the goal of 10 and 25 mile time trials, I concluded that the best use of training time at that time of year would be to do plenty of work on the Aerobic Threshold. This meant lots of hours at a relatively easy intensity, with only one harder session each week. The harder session (usually done on the turbo, sometimes the velodrome) worked on the Lactate Threshold. This was important to maintain, even in January, as it is the Lactate Threshold which has the most influence on 10 and 25 mile TT performance. So off she went to train…..

Once June came around, and TT season was well underway, things were going OK racing wise for our example customer. So she came in for another test to see if her training should also be tweaked. The results were as follows…

“Your Aerobic Threshold moved from 155 Watts, at 148 beats/minute to 205 Watts, at 151 beats/minute.

Your Lactate Threshold moved from 205 Watts and at a heart rate of 173 beats/min to 240 Watts, at 167 beats/minute.

Your Power at VO2 max moved from 250 Watts, at a heart rate of 189 beats/min to 285 Watts at 188 beats/minute.”

In graphical terms, that looks like this, with the blue lactate curve representing Januarys test, and the green curve the results from June. The red dots are the heart rate values from June…


From the graph it is now possible to read off a power output from the x axis and equate that to a level of lactate (which represents fatigue) on the left hand y axis. At every power output, less lactate (and less fatigue) was being produced.

By this stage in the season, it became more important to work on race efforts (between Lactate Threshold and Power at VO2 max), whilst maintaining a small amount of training at aerobic threshold.

The second part of the season went pretty well, and as the autumn comes around most cyclists tend to take their foot off the gas a little, and our case study was no different. However the purchase of a new turbo trainer was a great kick start to get back into training again, so it was time for another test. Between January and November, the numbers look like this….

“Your Aerobic Threshold moved from 155 Watts, at 148 beats/minute to 215 Watts, at 150 beats/minute. That’s a 39% increase. 

Your Lactate Threshold moved from 205 Watts and at a heart rate of 173 beats/min to 260 Watts, at 172 beats/minute. That’s a 27% increase.

Your Power at VO2 max moved from 250 Watts, at a heart rate of 189 beats/min to 300 Watts at 187 beats/minute. That’s a 20% increase.”

In graph form that looks like this…


So in summary, the testing itself won’t make you faster, but if you use the numbers from accurate testing to shape the way you train over a period of time, it is really hard to get slower, no matter what your starting point is.

This is the perfect time of year to be thinking about your summer goals, so if you could do with producing 27% more power for a 25mile TT at the same level of effort then book in for your first test today by giving us a call on 01285 851946 or emailing


Cracking weekend of results for Performance Cycles riders….

Last weekend (4th & 5th October) saw a number of Performance Cycles riders in action – taking podium’s and wins at events across the South West!!

It was a bit of a mad weekend for the crazy ‘hill climbers’ in the club, with a series of four events taking place over the two days – as if racing up one flippin steep hill wasn’t bad enough!! Kicking off on Saturday morning with the Chippenham and District Wheelers ‘Bowden Hill’ event which saw our girl Jo Jago take the win in the women’s event, Tony Kiss get 2nd in the men’s event and Russ Thompson getting 3rd in the Vets – so between them a packed podium of PC riders to start the day off 🙂johillclimb

On to the afternoon and the three of them were back in action again, this time down the road at the Severn RC event at Hinton Hill – where Jo came 2nd, Tony was 6th and Russ matched his performance of the morning to come 3rd in the vets.

You’d think that would be enough!! But no!! On to Sunday and the three of them we at it again!! Starting off with the Bath CC event where Jo came 1st, Tony came 3rd and Mr consistent Russ came 3rd.

The final one of the weekend was VC Walcot’s event at Claverton Hill – where Russ finally saw sense (and that all this hill climbing really was crazy!!) and sat this one out!! But Jo continued her run of form coming 3rd and Tony finished off the weekend with a 6th.

Some fantastic riding by all three club members – and it sounds like it really put PC on the map at the hill climbs with one of our riders on pretty much every podium presentation across the weekend!!

Jo and Russ are back in action again this weekend – so a HUGE good luck to you both.

danpodiumAway from the steep tarmac roads – Dan Guest was back in action in the latest round of the Wessex Cyclo Cross near Winchester where he continued his on-going battle with Swindon based rider Crispin (who has for a long time held a tight grip on local cross race wins!!). Dan stormed to victory, taking nearly a minute out of Crispin and with it taking his 2nd win in as many weeks. With Crispin and Dan now tied on two wins and two 2nd places after four rounds – it looks like it’s going to be a great season of cross racing.

Back up and running! (well cycling)

Well it has been a little while since we posted an update on the Performance Cycles club site! The summer has been a manic one and it seems to have come and gone extremely quickly. We’re slowly edging towards the Santini Cotswold Autumn Classic and that inevitably means winter is well on its way.

So to round up whats been going on with us this season.

In March we recruited Tom as our web content manager and sales assistant. He is slowly working his magic on both and (the shop and the club site). The general idea is for customers and club members alike to be able to log in to the shop to check stock availability and purchase items that are competitively priced – as well as getting your club discount (15% off RRP for club members).

A little bit about Tom. Tom is 27 and currently lives in Gloucester with his wife. Tom is trying to get back on his bike after a nasty cycling injury and he is currently planning to cycle to work from Gloucester over the winter to keep/hopefully find his fitness. He will be a regular on the Saturday morning club rides and will always be happy to help – unless it’s raining… Tom hates the rain!
Tom modeling a Kask Bambino

In May we hosted the first stage of The Cotswold League Road Race in South Cerney, loads of you came to the rescue and helped us out by marshaling. For that we are truly thankful. We were lucky enough to hold the first Women’s only race in the Cotswold League, in which Rebecca Waters finished 2nd and Harriet Guest Finished 5th. In the Men’s race, Joe Barry finished first and took the leaders point’s jersey. Overall a great result for Performance Cycles! This is Joe winning in South Cerney.

In July we hosted our Tour De France BBQ – where we watched the individual time trial being won by the Australian Rohan Dennis. Fortunately the sun was shining and the sausages weren’t too burnt! Apparently the charring adds flavour?

And here we are in August! We are excited to be heading into the Cyclocross season – with new bike’s available from Kenisis (Crosslight T5 Disc and the CX Race). These will be available as of mid September 2015 and can either be bought as a frame set or a full custom build.

The Kenisis Crosslight 5T Disc
Kinesis Crosslight 5T Disc
The Kenisis CX Race Disc
Kinesis CX Race Disc

To Keep up to date with everything Performance Cycles follow us on the with the links below.

Facebook – Performance Cycles
Twitter – @PCycles
Instagram – performancecycles

We’re Recruiting (PART TIME / FULL TIME) sales and web content role….

Part Time / Full Time sales and web content role

Working for the Cotswold’s number One road, Sportive and Triathlon specialist. We are looking for a someone to add to our growing team to help bring the best brands and an un-rivaled level of service to the Cotswolds.

We have created a sales / web content role to lead the way with online sales through various platforms as well as assisting in the store with customer queries and sales.

Ideally you will have a passion for everything cycling including product knowledge however training is available for suitable applicants. You must have a good knowledge of IT (and be able to find your way around new systems quickly), use of social media and be able a bit of a creative writer!!

About the Job:
• Primary role will be development of content for Performance Cycles website, loading product onto epos system that auto-uploads to new website. This is a straight-forward process and full training will be given.
• Ideally would have good grasp of basic web / html along with photoshop and a creative ‘eye’
• Creative writing to write unique web content for site
• Social media – good grasp of use of social media for marketing purposes
• Additional function to work in the shop serving customers (will aid in ‘real world’ experience of products)
• Experience of using camera’s such as Go Pro’s to create and edit short video’s a real bonus
• Creative writing skills to create and send weekly press released regarding team (info given)
• Interest in road cycling a must!!
• You will be joining a small team, so an ability and desire to get stuck in and help out is a must!!!

Working hours are Tuesday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm.

Salary of up to £18,000pa + commission of all online sales + store discounts and potential pedal powered company vehicle for the right candidate.

Please send your CV and covering letter stating why you believe you are the best person for this role to