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What a rubbish end to the year

Gutted, thats all I can say.

Saturday 21st December, I was on my way to the club ride.

I was coming into Cricklade I hadn’t seen the traffic calming sign, I was too busy looking down. By the time I looked up it was too late. I hit the kerb went through the yellow bollard and head first into the lamp post. This is where I laid on the floor face first with a face full of gravel for however long it took the paramedics to get there.

At this point I thought I had only hurt my leg and bumped my head. It was only when I had an x-ray and scan that I found that I had fractured my C2 vertebrae.

I was in hospital for a few days then  was out a few days before xmas.

Christmas and new year was v. quiet, but so lucky my boyfriend looked after me throughout. I am so lucky and grateful to have him looking after me. Think  I would of gone crazy by now. My family also have been great.

Last week I had my check up. Just over 4 weeks from the crash and my vertebrae is not mending. So annoying as I have had to re think this years racing.  I have to keep my neck brace on for another 4 weeks and go back for  my next check up. Fingers crossed it shows signs of mending otherwise I might need an operation.

No words can explain how upset and frustrating it is to know that yet again I cant race the Ironman Worlds Camps I have dreamt about for the last few years.

Although gutted about this I am lucky that I can still walk after my accident.

So, I have decided once I can start training in a few months I will focus on my cycling this year and try again to qualify for the Ironman World Champs again in 2015.

Will try and write up on my progress over the next few months.



5 Weeks Till Ironman Wales!

Yet again its been a busy month.

Performance Cycles Members are kicking arse this year!

So many getting podium and PB’s!!!!

I managed to get 2nd in my age group at the Milton Keynes Age Group National Champs.

I also went to cycle the Ironman bike route in Wales thanks to the support of my friends and the shop. You see the pictures on Facebook.

My focus now is Wales, 5 weeks to go and its kinda scary. Working full time and training for this distance was always going to be hard, but I didn’t realise it was going to be this hard!

I am very grateful that the shop have put up with me!

I have also started seeing Mac McKinnon who is a personal trainer, as I needed some advise on my nutrition as wanted to loose weight to help me run up those hills in Wales a little easier. I would recommend him to anyone.

Well off out for a run and swim. Look forward to writing more leading up to the race.

What a busy few months!

Well the race season has finally arrived and for far I have been placed in all my races!

Races so far:

2nd Castle Combe Standard Distance Duathlon

2nd South Cerney Aquathon, 2nd Womens Only Sprint Triathlon

1st Lady at my first ever 100mile TimeTrial.


Next is the Milton Keynes Middle Distance National Champs! My aim is to come top 3 in my age group. Fingers crossed.


After my first race of the season

Its been a while!

Race season is here!

I competed in my first race of the season, which was Castle Combe Duathlon. 10km run, 40km bike, 5km run. I rode my new time trial bike which performance cycles have kindly sponsored me for this season. I was very happy with 2nd place! My run defiantly needs to be worked on.

I have also completed the first TT at Latton, it was only 5 miles. Very tough.

I also completed the HONC with Andy. All I can say is respect to all mountain bikers!!!!!!

Off work for next few days to get extra training in!!!!!!


2 days till my first race!

Racing season is finally here!

My first race is Castle Combe Duathlon this Sunday, this is 10km run, 40km bike , 5km run.

I am looking forward to the bike!!!! Hopefully get my new TT bike out to play (sponsored by Performance cycles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 🙂

Going to struggle with the run as been struggling with time to fit all my run sessions in. Least this race will give me a idea on how my training is going.

The sun is finally starting to come out so fingers crossed it stays like this. More motivation for going out training.

Hopefully a good turnout tomorrow with club ride.



its been nearly a week!

Well its been a very busy week, with work and training!

Saturday I enjoyed a very cold bike ride with the club. I managed to sneak in an extra 22 miles before the group ride.

Sunday was the winter sportive, was up nice and early to help set things up. Cold start but turned out a lovely day and what a great turn out of riders!

Monday, I enjoyed a long run.

Tuesday, it was icy out first thing so headed to the gym to do a brick session.

Today I am having a day off training.

Cant wait to get some more miles in on the bike over this weekend!



first day on new bike!

Today was the day I finally tried out my new bike! Cervelo S2.

I have never ridden a bike so light. It felt awesome to ride.

Having the bike retul with Andy k has also really helped, as felt so comfortable on the bike.

I am looking forward to a run on the treadmill followed by an hour on my new bike.