Castle Combe Easter Classic 2018

Having only been back on the bike for 1 week following 2 weeks out with a infection on my knee this race  was going to be a “lets just see what happens” race.

The weather forecast had it down to start raining at the start of the CAT 4 races, if only this were true, is was already raining when i arrived at 1030. Trying to find somewhere dry to set the turbo up was quite hard as all the good places had already been take, i did manage did find a small area in the end.

There was a lot of hanging around in the pit area waiting for the last race to finish and for the rain to get heavier. Race was due to start 1230 and we got to the start line at about 1250, a quick talk from the commissaire and we where off.

It did start off quite quick into the first bend where i manged to get towards the front of the group, which is where i wanted to be due to the weather, i was still towards the front after the 1st lap and i was feeling really good, i ended up throwing my glasses about half way due to not being able to see through them, not sure this was a good idea tho as i still could n’t see without them due to all the spray, being towards the front did help a bit, some how i ended up leading the group over the line when we took the bell, as always the pace did pick up for the last lap. As we came into the last 2 bends there was a lot of fighting for positions where i was nearly taken out twice and had to break so i lost a few places after this. I left my sprint quite late as i now think that is best for my sprints, when i last looked up i was around 15th. AT the end i think i have only every been colder and wetter once and that was at Abingdon in the Winter Crits

Due to being so cold and wet i didn’t hang around to find out the finishing places as i didn’t think i had made top 10. A week later the finishing places where issued and i had got 10th place. A good effort in the conditions and foe being out for 2 weeks. It also turn’s out they had prizes for all top 10 in senior races so i quite pleased with how this race went. So i also missed the 1st official presentation of my a envelope which i had to re-create when it did arrive at home.

One thing i have learned from this race,  race across the line not to it.

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