Rob Willmott – VeloVitesse ALL cap Trophy Race CCRL Rd 1

The 1st round of the Cotswold cycle racing league, i felt like i might be able to finish this race for a change, the weather was good if a little.

As we rolled out from the race HQ there was lot of barging for positions already on the narrow road out. Once on the main road on the short climb up to the race start  a lot more barge with a few riders crossing over the solid white lines to get a few places further up the field.

Once the flag had dropped, the group did speed off which i manged to keep up quite comfortably but with all the barging before i was now quite near the back of the pack. We had a sharp left hand bend which again i managed to keep up with ever one else shortly after the was a “Z” bend followed by as short sharp climb. I was well out of position for the bend and i was already blowing at the bottom of the climb trying to keep, by the top of the climb i had been spat out the back and the there were gone. I had lasted about 11 mins which is my 2nd worst race ever.

As per my true form i kept going round the circuit and only getting lapped just after 2hrs. I my final lap the de-tour to the finish line markings had gone so i ending up going the wrong way and i end up at the top of the hollybush climb thanks to me turning left and not right eventually turning round coming down the hill and finding the finish. The only people left at the finish this time was the medic vehicle and 2 injured riders that had crashed on the sprint.

A race to forget, on the plus side i missed the crash, lets see what the next round brings me


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