Cotswold Veldrijden Cat 3/4 Road Race 2018

It was a nice sunny day with not a lot of wind for a change and i was feeling pretty good and ready for a race.

We had the normal briefing and we rolled out i had got my self in about front 3rd of the pack at this point as we crossed the start/finish i had manage to stay in the top 3rd, all was feeling good and i had settled in quite well, until about 5 mins in i went of a pothole or drain cover which some how had knock by rear brake caliper to one side, i now had one of the brake pads fully on the rim which could be felt. So i was now sliding back through the pack , once the last rider had passed, i stop to have a look at the problem, i was able to fix the problem quite quickly re-centering the caliper and i was ready to go again, the pack was still in sight which made the chase a little easier than in my previous 2/3/4.

It didn’t take long for me to get back on the pack but i had now used more than a few a of my matches !! I was now going to be happy to finish the race with everyone else. The next 2 laps where not to bad and i did manage to stay on the back quite comfortably.

We got to within about 2-3 Km of the finish when up front a rider had got himself into the ditch and while getting back out had taken a 7-8 other riders down. Some how i managed to stop only not coming off my leaning against another rider, we both looked at each other with a look of “that was close”. By now the front group had gone up the road and with it being so close to finish nit wasn’t going to be possible to catch them up, i did manage to climb a few places on the final climb towards the finishing. Clad to be finishing where i did but not because of my fitness but because of how many things had gone wrong thought the race.

We are getting closer to a proper group finish. Only have a video of just after th crash which is too large to put up on here but can be seen here

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