Behind The Bikeshed Racing – Summer Series Rd 5

I got home a lot later than i had hope for so it was a rush to get everything in the car and down to Thruxton in time. I arrived about 30 mins before sign closed so not to bad but not a lot of time for a warm.

I had a change of plan for tonights race and that was to hide in the pack and not chase anything that went a bit faster than me. I had just made my way towards the front of the pack about half way through the race when they was some very loud cracks and shouts, not sure what happen but a lot of riders did come with various bits of damage to bikes. All was going well for me towards the front now with a greatly  reduced pack. On the penultimate lap i got a bit carried away and did  chase a small group and ended up on the front, not where i wanted to be at this stage. I did manage to get back of the front with out using to many of my matches. On the last lap coming up to the slight climb and chicane i was feeling pretty good as we came out of the chicane a few of the riders started there sprint very early, not to let them get to far i started as well it was a long sprint across the line the legs did feel it going across the line, i had got 4th in our group but 2 riders had got of the front so it was 6th overall.

I was quite happy how i played the race apart from the penultimate lap and long sprint, but never mind.

2 points left to get for CAT 3, This time last year i never thought i would be in the position and the BC websites say’s i am 3rd in the region in Cat 4:-)

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