Cheltenham & County Cotswold League Road Race 2018

After having seen the route i really did think i had picked the wrong race to enter with quite a long climb, so i wasn’t feeling very positive to start.

I had got my self right towards the front of the pack as rolled out from HQ, which was good but we had stop at a set of lights and when we started again the rider in front of struggled to get clipped back in and i end up sliding back through at least half the pack, not far after this we turn ed right on to the 1st part of the climb up to finish line, i felt reasonably comfortable with pace it did pick up quite a bit as we started going across the start/finish, i thought i was doing quite well at this point we then started the longer part of the climb, i was work quite hard to keep up but towards the top my HR did seem to going right up, may be the length and pace of the climb. I did notice one other rider drop of the back, my heart went up again and i lost the back of the pack. After rider to top of this climb after being dropped i might just have been able to hang on if i had ridden the route before hand. Not long after i was dropped i saw 2 other get dropped so i now had carrot to chase.

It took me about 1 lap to catch one of the other riders as the other had stopped. I did suggest riding together and making it a good training ride but he didn’t seem interested and stopped about 1/2 lap later. As normal i kept going. I was waiting to be lapped but this didn’t seem to come until i was on my way up the 1st climb towards the start/finish, i had to stop to let 2 riders past, i then continued. I had the start/finish line in my sight and only being lapped my 2 riders. It was untilĀ  got really close to the line everyone started clapping and shouting as they all thought i was 3rd. So at least i now know what it feels like to finish 3rd all be it 1 lap down.

At after receiving the result for this race i was 43rd out of 44 so i now have Cotswold league point equal to my point for last year.

I have learned how important it is ride the coarse before hand just to have a idea how long have to hold on for. Small improvements but i think i am getting there.

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