Performance Cycles – South Cerney Road Race (CCRL)

I was feeling quite confident that i would be able to finish this race. I coarse i know quite well and reasonably flat, it should be just like a longer crit.

It all started quite well i was in with the main group more towards the back but still in the group, i manged to get past the 11 min mark that i had previously been dropped in the other races so it was going well. Not alot happening in the race, a lot of fast  accelerations  away from the corners which i could feel taking the toll on my legs it was about the 3rd lap that small split between the front and back half of the group appeared and i was in the back group. I had to use a few more of my matches to get back on the front group. I was feeling ok, legs where definitely now feeling.


It was at about 1Hr 30mins  into the race that my legs finally gave up and i just couldn’t keep on the back, legs just had nothing, i was now feeling very disappointed that i hadn’t made the whole race again. I still need to work on my position for at least the 1st few laps. Not how i had hoped it would go but it is the longest i have been in the race for.

Most of the photo’s from the race all nearly all already on Facebook.

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