Berkhamsted Castle Revolutions Festival 2018

After the cancellation of the Winchcombe Kermesse i was keen to race on the 24th June. I had 2 options a 3/4 crit in Minehead or a Cat 4 only at Berkhamsted. I decide that the Berkhamsted option was best one for me to try and gain at least 2 points to get my Cat 3 race licence.

The Berkhamsted Castle revolutions festival turn out to quite a large event, the only down side was trying to find some where to park close enough to warm and park. After signing on i was able to walk around the coarse with only one point at the end of small climb and a sharp left bend to worry about. After warming up i was able to ride the coarse a few times. I was feeling quite confident that i would be able to get the required points..

On the start i was eager to get to the the tight left hand bend at the front of the pack hoping everyone else could then fight over positions going round it, it turned out i was 1st round and all was going well, on the 2nd lap i dropped back a bit into the pack but keeping towards the front. I was only about 15mins into the race and we had already lapped one of the riders at back which made me think that we were going quite fast, it was only a few more laps and we over took a group of about 6 riders.


At about 25 mins in had my normal wobble. i was just coming out of the wobble when the bell went for the last lap, i had manged to stay towards the front. As we turned left on the tight bend there was a split in the pack with only 10 riders in front group including myself but i was the 10 rider. Knowing that i have a reasonable sprint on me i was happy to stay at 10 until the last straight as we turned on to the finish straight i started to sprint and i quick made up 2 places and i was 8th and had got to the 2 points i needed. I would have liked a higher position but i will take 8th.

So I am now waiting for my new Cat 3 licence in the post.

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