Weesex League Round 7 Oxford Brookes

As i arrived to Oxford Brookes University i was a little shocked at how many people where around for the cyclo cross, a lot more of a family type of crowd compared with the crit races i have been to, and all seemed friendlier as well

I was able to get a warm up lap in before the start, there where a couple of parts that i was a little worried about and they where the double dips going into the wood and a small log towards the end of wooden section.

I was right at the back of a large group for the start, the group did seem to get strung out quite quickly and i found myself right at the back so when we made it round to the double dips we where at a complete stop but did manage to get going again, i did take it quite steady through the woods, still trying to find the legs if you like. I was now towards the real back of the race, i then manged to move a few p[laces up the field on the start finish start and back round. I had managed to move a couple of places back up the field. On the nest visit to double dips i did manage to ride through them which was good, i was now in a small group[ behind one ride who did over cook it on on the corners in front of me, i was unable to stop it time and might have ridden over his back wheel, at least it wasn’t him. Again i was able to catch another couple of riders and over take them on the start finish line, but i had now a very large gap between me and any one else to chase, 30 mins in the race the race leader came flying pass, which did give me a point to try and chase. The now to the finish was just me riding and getting slightly quicker times as well.

So for my first daylight cyclo cross race a position of 52nd and 62 i think not a bad result. After seeing how friendly it all was i might if i can get my kids to come along and i can get a few more races in as well.

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