Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

With over 12 years experience and thousands of fits under our belts (not to mention a passion for position that we can trace back to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and Chris Boardman / the Lotus Superbike – yes, I was 12 at the time!!), we know that we’re in a unique position to cater for all levels of rider – whether you’re riding for fitness, aiming to compete (or just complete!) your first triathlon or are a national level road racer.

We often get asked “do I need a bike fit?” and the answer is probably yes!! A good fit will not only help you to produce more power on the bike, but (maybe more importantly for most) will increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury. And with more people taking to two wheels to escape life behind a desk, keeping healthy has never been more important.

Foundation Fit: 1-1.5 hours – £125

Our basic level of fitting, bringing in all of our knowledge from years of fitting and on-going training and development. The session lasts approx. 60-90 minutes and will cover cleat position, saddle position and handlebar position. Due to the nature of the session and the time constraints, our Foundation Fit will work quickly through the key contact points of rider and bike to dial in your position.

With our Foundation Fit we’re looking to get your position as close to perfect as possible, without exploring changes to equipment (normally sticking to a stem change at most). To go into more detail requires a lot more time and therefore riders looking to explore saddle and/or equipment choice should book in for our Full Comprehensive Fit (see below).

The Foundation Fit uses your bike on our Elite trainer, giving us the best chance of dialing in your fit ready for you to get back on the road.

Our Foundation Fit covers adjustments in everything from the ground up, including the rider. We start by looking at your shoes and cleats, working our way through saddle position, bar type and position, and finish up by working on the riders posture on the bike- this can have an even greater effect than moving the components themselves.

Our Foundation Fit is just £125 or FREE with any bike purchased from Performance Cycles over £1000.

A second bike of the same type is free, and a second position or different type of bike (e.g. road bike +TT bike) is £75 extra

To book your fitting appointment call us on 01285 851946 or email

Comprehensive / FULL Fit: up to 3 hours – £250

Our most comprehensive level of fit digs deeply into our years of bike fit knowledge, we use a mix of technology (depending on what’s needed) along with unique questioning and data analysis to enable us to fine tune a riders position on their bike. We start with Foot Activation and proprioception work, enabling us to properly set up the shoe and cleat – which sits at the very start of the kinetic chain. From here we move on to saddle position and handlebar position, often having to take the odd step back to double check previous findings as one change further up the chain can effect what you did before.

We continue to dial in your position to within 1-2mm of accuracy. And that’s accuracy to a position that actually takes you, the rider, into account – not just a set of pre-defined numbers that a “fitter” has been given to set people up to.

The Comprehensive Fit covers adjustments of all aspects of the bike and rider, from cleat positioning, saddle selection and bar / shifters position with a focus on rider posture and positioning on the bike. After the appointment you will receive a follow up email which includes a full set of measurements detailing your position, should you ever need to replicate it on another bike.

4-6 weeks after your appointment, we’ll also schedule in a 15-20 minute call or email (whichever works best for you) to enable us to check in with you and ensure the changes made are working – as well as give you the opportunity to ask any additional questions or ask for additional advice. If additional follow up is required this can then be arranged at no charge.

The Comprehensive Fit costs just £250 and can between two and three hours in duration. Due to the nature of this level of fit, we will only book ONE Comprehensive Fit a day – ensuring you have our full attention.

To book your fitting appointment call us on 01285 851946 or email