What a rubbish end to the year

Gutted, thats all I can say.

Saturday 21st December, I was on my way to the club ride.

I was coming into Cricklade I hadn’t seen the traffic calming sign, I was too busy looking down. By the time I looked up it was too late. I hit the kerb went through the yellow bollard and head first into the lamp post. This is where I laid on the floor face first with a face full of gravel for however long it took the paramedics to get there.

At this point I thought I had only hurt my leg and bumped my head. It was only when I had an x-ray and scan that I found that I had fractured my C2 vertebrae.

I was in hospital for a few days then  was out a few days before xmas.

Christmas and new year was v. quiet, but so lucky my boyfriend looked after me throughout. I am so lucky and grateful to have him looking after me. Think  I would of gone crazy by now. My family also have been great.

Last week I had my check up. Just over 4 weeks from the crash and my vertebrae is not mending. So annoying as I have had to re think this years racing.  I have to keep my neck brace on for another 4 weeks and go back for  my next check up. Fingers crossed it shows signs of mending otherwise I might need an operation.

No words can explain how upset and frustrating it is to know that yet again I cant race the Ironman Worlds Camps I have dreamt about for the last few years.

Although gutted about this I am lucky that I can still walk after my accident.

So, I have decided once I can start training in a few months I will focus on my cycling this year and try again to qualify for the Ironman World Champs again in 2015.

Will try and write up on my progress over the next few months.



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