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    There’s a lot of interest in the club at the moment from people that want to race in 2016, whether that’s road racing or TTing. So we thought it would make sense to get everyone together to map out the season ahead, and also to put some names to faces.

    As you know, the ethos of the club is to be inclusive and get as many people involved in the sport as possible. Therefore the idea behind getting together to is get all riders, of all levels riding and racing together.

    The meeting will be lead by me (Andy Kirk) and Matt Woods (one of our team members) – and we hope to come out of it with a good understanding of who is looking to race this season, what events they’d like to race and how often. We’ll also have a list of suggested events that we’ll be attending, as it’s always more fun when you race with other club mates.

    I’ll confirm the venue ASAP – but it will either be at the shop in Poulton or at Bradstone Pavilion (just waiting to hear back if we’re OK to use it). And we’ll kick off at 7.30pm (aim to be there from 7pm).

    Will update details over the next few days, please post back here to let us know if you’ll be there.

    See you next week.


    Just to let you know I will be there, great idea to meet up. Look forward to meeting everyone next week.



    John Simmons

    H interested, I was thinking of a bit of Time trial work and the summer Cyclocross season. Latton Time trial is an obvious one for me. Western Cyclocross League stars a summer series in May. Not seen details yet. Hopefully see you Friday. Open to other suggestions 🙂

    Oh forgot, Tour of Cambridge as well.

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    Just to confirm, this will take place at Bradstone Pavilion (where the sign-on is for the weekly TT series – see link below) at 7.30pm this coming Friday evening (12th February).


    Hopefully see lots of you there.

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