Abingdon Race Team Winter Crit Series Rd 3 2018

It looked like it was going to be the best weather i have seen at Dalton Barracks, Sunny just a little cold however the wind did pick up during the race almost from when we we started typical.

I started quite strong probably a bit to strong so when a break started at about 10-15 mins in i was unable to hold the last mans back wheel as they went into wind and the 5 meters quite quickly became a lot more and that was the break gone.

The rest of race went reasonably well either at the front or just off the front especially on the into wind sections. With 4 laps to go on the long straight after the finish line i heard someone say that we had a gap and to keep going which i did, from the photo’s i was the only one that did and i was unable to hold the gap i had going in to the wind straight the bunch quickly caught me up again. The last 3 laps were pretty uneventfully until the last straight on the way to finish, quite a few riders did overtake me, i did managed not to go to early and held off sprinting for bit then when i did go i manged to get a few places back and get 10th, for a change i timed it quite well being able to keep the sprint going until the line , all tho i did feel a little sick after.

So another point to my account, and i just have to be a bit more patient at the start.

Round 4 next Saturday lets see if a can get a place again  

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