Behind The Bikeshed Racing – Summer Series Rd 4

I had managed to finish work early which gave me a enough time to get ready and get down to Thruxton for this crit.

It was a very windy evening and a little chilly. Having never raced here before it was always going to be interesting. Again i was feeling quite good and ready for the race.

The race started a quite a fast pace, i manged to be at the front this time, hoping to get on a break, start from the start there were attacks, i was very eager to get on these attacks probably a little to eager. The back part of the coarse so horrible into wind, with no one won’t to be on the front for this part of the coarse, when i did end on the front at this part i kinda sat up and made sure i was putting out to much power and quite the power at my Z2 level as not to waste to much, which the group stuck with behind so it wasn’t to bad. i was also trying to find the best place to be coming into the chicane  before the finish and not really being successful. About hal  f way through 2 riders got a way just as the 2/3/4’s came past and we had to sit up so that was the last we saw of them, if our group had worked together we might have caught them but no one wanted to work together so that was it.

As we came into upto the chicane for the last time i was well out of position and legs had just about gone as well so as we got onto the finish straight i was well towards the back with no legs. Game over. I received a good finger wagging for sitting up and taking my hands of the bars, which i won’t do again !.

So 24th out of 35 finishers not great but not bad consider my 1st race at Thruxton and how windy it was. I just need to be a little lease eager to get away learn which breaks might work instead of trying them all.


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