Bath CC Road Race (CCLR)

After entering this race, i thought i had done the wrong thing, as Bath does have a lot of hills. After a bit of investigation i found the coarse to be ridden and it didn’t look as bad as i 1st thought.

I headed out on the Friday before to ride the coarse so i had a idea not like the the other race. 1 real bad left hand turn with pot holes into the worst climb just before Sherston, so i now thought this wouldn’t be to bad.

So race day and i didn’t feel to bad, as we rolled out in the neutralised zone it didn’t seem very neutralised and i had ended up towards the back lots of hard braking and accelerations and we hadn’t even started yet. I was feeling quite comfortable as we came to the Sherston turn and climb. By the top of the climb i was hurting with HR right up and legs burning a bit, i thought just a little bit more and we will be on the down hill. As we came to the down hill i was just not recovering enough to keep on the back, one other. rider had dropped back a bit and i tried to keep his wheel, i just couldn’t stay on it. There i was think this is another race i have been dropped early on, when another couple of riders came from behind, it turned out to be 4 other riders behind me, i hadn’t been completely droppped. It all seem like 2 of the other riders wanted to work together to keep it with the others just hanging on. On the 2nd lap 2 of the orther riders dropped off as we went through Sherston again which just left 3 of us. 2 of us did work well, with the other just hanging on the back. It was a relive to complete the 3rd lap and get the bell as i know at this point we could not be lapped. The 3 3 of us completed the 4th and final lap, i managed a sprint finish but my legs pretty much cramped up as i went over the line, all be it a empty line as everyone had all ready gone. But i had finished a full length race not a lap behind i felt reasonable pleased small steps and all that.

When we got back to the race HQ i spoke with Commissionaire about how we had finished and no one was about and she mentioned she had driven passed on the way back and seen us and had marked us down as finishing.

Double bonus for me not only had i now finished a full length race but i was classed as finishing as well. So things are still heading in the right direction just a little slower than i would have liked.


No photo’s again, this time due to how far the HQ was from the circuit

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